What To Expect After Knee Replacement | Dr Praharsha Explains

Care After Knee Replacement:

Care After Knee Replacement | Dr Praharsha

Care After Knee Replacement: Many people have these questions in their minds – What to expect after 3 months and after 5 months following knee replacement surgery. A majority of the patients recover after 3 months – and if it is a case of robotic knee replacement the recovery time is quite shorter. Nearly about 90% of the patients recovery almost 100% after 5 months following knee replacement. However, the recovery time may extent up to 6 months or longer in some cases. People with comorbid conditions may take longer time to recover. Older patients, smokers and individuals with other medical conditions may take longer time to heal. Recovery is faster in some people who perform knee joint and muscle strengthening exercises while they prepare for the surgery.

3 months after total knee replacement

Most people enjoy their routine activities such as walking comfortably, bicycling, playing games and even dancing at this stage after their knee replacement. You can also able to do a complete range of motions in your knee. Even with normal routine and recreational activities you don’t have any pain at all. However, the complete recovery still depends on your commitment and rehabilitation.

What not to do after knee replacement?

Don’t use bathtubs or slippery bathrooms because if you sit and bath it will be difficult for you to safely get up from there. Therefore, prefer bathroom with rough surfaces and do not try to reach to anything you need by bending or squatting even if you are in sitting position.

Forget about lifting weights and heavy stuff such as grocery bags or laundry or tool boxes, large pets and garbage bags. This will put excess stress on your knees.

What to wear after knee replacement surgery?

Wear comfortable footwear and shoes with non-skid soles. It is very important to wear footwear that provides additional friction on surfaces with anti-skid properties. Avoid wearing flip-flops as well. Avoid walking on wet and slippery surfaces. If you are new to a place then prefer walking slowly.

Equipment needed after knee replacement?

Your orthopedic surgeon may instruct you to use supportive devices that include canes, crutches and walkers. As long as your doctor recommend you to use assistive devices such as walkers use them. When you stand up on both legs use crutches and walker that help you to stand up. As far as driving is concerned ask your orthopedic surgeon about when can you start driving. Usually, you may have to wait for up to 5 to 6 weeks to resume driving for Care after knee replacement.

Sleep position after knee replacement?

Don’t bend your knees while sleeping or taking rest or when lying down. Taking pillow under your knees by bending them to support is also not recommended while taking rest or sleeping. It is better to keep your knee straight while you take rest or if you want to raise or elevate your leg.

How to take care of your new knee joint?

Long sitting is not advisable. Don’t sit in the same position for long – say for up to an hour or more – rather prefer getting up in between. Take breaks from sitting positions and long standing. Use sofas and chairs with armrests and a straight back. Don’t use rocking stools or rocking chairs or sofas and also chairs and stools without support and that are low.

If you are sitting in a chair or bed or sofa – don’t stand up abruptly from your sitting position. Take the support of armrest or bed support and then slide towards the edge and then get up. You can take the support of arms of the chair or walker or crutches to get up need Care after knee replacement.

When you are getting dressed

Don’t bend too much to dress and undress. Make yourself comfortable by sitting on the bed to get dressed without bending too much. Don’t dressed up while standing. While removing pants or clothes remove them first from the leg side that didn’t have surgery and from the surgery side last. While putting on pants and socks use the leg that has surgery done first.

Be Careful While Using Stairs

Care after knee replacement What precautions should you take as a part of care after knee replacement? Do not take long flight of stairs for up to two months after knee replacement. Use banister or side railing whenever you step up or down stairs. Do not try to move upstairs and downstairs as usual but take steps slowly until you are in complete control of your walking. This is important for your muscles to develop power and endurance. Use the leg that did not have surgery first while going upstairs. While getting down, first step with the leg that did have surgery.