Care After Knee Replacement and Recovery

Care after knee replacement surgery

Care after knee replacement surgery | Dr. Praharsha Mulpur

Knee replacement surgery provides relief from severe pain with improved mobility and better quality of life. In a majority of the cases, knee replacements are expected to last for more than 15 years. However, you must take care of your new knee joint.

After the procedure

Your hospital stay depends on your individual case and requirements. Many patients leave the hospital the same or very next day. Doctors prescribe medications to help control pain. Your doctor will advice you to wear support to prevent swelling and clotting. A physiotherapist will assist you in improving your activity levels and show you the exercises for your new knee. You will continue the exercises at your home or a centre, once you leave the hospital.

What else can you do?

Make your home a safer place to dwell and make it easier to recovery. Take care of the following:

Ensure safety handrails in your bathroom

To avoid climbing stairs, have a living space on ground floor.

Use a stable well-cushioned and firm chair with a comfortable back support.

Have a stable chair in the bathroom for shower.

Remove loose surfaces, cords and rugs.

What to Expect after a knee replacement?

You can resume the following activities after three to six weeks after knee replacement: most common daily activities, light housekeeping and shopping. As far as driving is concerned, you can drive a car if you can sit comfortably in the car and if you have good muscle control to operate clutch, accelerator and brakes – and if you have stopped taking narcotic pain medications.

You can get on with your normal routine activities after complete recovery. In addition, you can also engage in low-impact activities – such as biking, golfing, swimming and walking.

You should avoid the following activities:

Jumping, contact sports, tennis, skiing, jogging and other contact and high-impact exercises and sports. Talk to your Orthopedic surgeon regarding any limitations that you may have in your case. If you have any more concerns regarding the care after knee replacement surgery, meet Dr. Praharsha. Learn Why Robotic Knee Replacement is a better option…