Benefits of Robotic-assisted Joint Replacement Surgery

benefits of robotic joint replacement

Benefits of robotic joint replacement: Don’t you want your implant to be accurate, precisely aligned, and placed perfectly with up to 99.9% precision? Who doesn’t want less post-surgical pain, noticeably quicker healing and recovery; less post-surgical complications; shorter stay, and faster discharge from the hospital – Mako robotic arm assist your surgeon chart your procedure almost down to each movement?

Why Robotic-assisted surgery is always better than the traditional approach?

The robotic arm allows your surgeon to better protect the tissues surrounding your surgical site. The implant or components that replace your old joints are typically made from metal, ceramic, or plastic. Robotic assistance allows your surgeon to place your implant more efficiently. And robotic surgery leaves much smaller and less invasive scars than does traditional surgery.

Benefits of Robotic Joint Replacement – Accuracy

Your surgeon dexterously performs the procedure with cent percent precision that helps protect the surrounding tissues of the surgical site. Your surgeon typically replaces the old damaged joint components with the implant or components made from plastic, ceramic, or metal. Mako Robotic assistance helps your surgeon to place your implant more efficiently – thus leaving a much smaller margin of error. In addition, when compared to traditional joint replacement surgery, robotic surgery leaves much smaller and less invasive scars.

Improved Lifespan of the Implant

The bonus – robotically replaced hip joints and knee joints have a longer lifespan the conventionally replaced joints. They have even lower failure rates as well.

This is, in fact, the most important feature (aspect) of Robotic-assisted joint replacement surgery – Mako robotic system has been designed keeping in mind that no two persons have similar structures of their joints. This means, for better visualization, the operating surgeon can get a crystal clear 3 D virtual model of the knee or hip joint. This model serves as a user-customized foundation for the entire surgical process.

Top 5 benefits of Robotic-Assisted Joint Replacement

  1. More accurate pre-surgical planning: The surgery is more precise and accurate. Mako plasty uses 3D Imaging for accuracy. The surgeon can plan the surgery around a person’s unique anatomy. This helps in correct size and positioning of the implant.
  • The far superior results of robotic-assisted joint replacement have been tested and proven clinically due to superior precision. The robotic arm doesn’t let surgeon to deviate from specified dimensions thus inducing less harm to the surrounding healthy tissues and bone. This means only the damaged portion is removed and healthy portion is preserved. The knee implant placement is perfect with less friction and fewer complications.
  • The procedure is flexible. The surgeon does it with full confidence as the surgery is computer assisted. Robotic-assisted surgical arms enable access through smaller incisions.
  • Patients can resume their normal activities much sooner as they experience less postoperative pain and heal faster.
  • Higher patient satisfaction levels. In addition, there are many more benefits of robotic joint replacement.

Bottom Line

If you are determined to get on fast track very soon by defeating pain, healing time, and recovery – with rejuvenated ability to move as fast as you can – and also if you would like to enjoy your favorite activities once again that you had to give up in the recent past – then think of robotic-assisted joint replacement sooner rather than later.

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