Bursitis of the Knee

Is Your Knee Pain Due to Bursitis of the Knee?

Bursitis of the Knee: People who are in professions that requires repeated bending of the knees are at risk of developing a condition known as bursitis of the knee. Workers such as electricians, roofers, floor installers, plumbers, coal miners, gardeners, house maids and others who require kneeling have this problem. When they develop this condition due to repetitive bending of their knees, they develop severe knee pain. This condition is also common in people who perform muscle strengthening, boosting and muscle building and other high-stress and high-intensity exercises.

The symptoms associated with Bursitis of the knee becomes severe and progressively get worse over a period of time. Gradual worsening of the symptoms makes the person literally worrisome. The symptoms develop when the person who has this issue repeatedly kneels on hard surfaces owing to which the bursal sacs around the knee joints get inflamed. The typical symptoms of bursitis include severe pain, redness, warmth, swelling, increase in intensity of the pain with bending of the knee – and, in some case, infection and fever as well.

Knee Pain becomes severe with bending

If you have severe knee pain and inflammation and if this type of pain increases with bending and other activities such as cycling and running, then it could be due to bursitis of the knee. Similarly, if you experience knee pain when walking and if the pain becomes severe with movement of the knee or weight bearing or when pain becomes worse climbing upstairs or downstairs, then this type of knee pain could be due to Osteoarthritis of the knee.

Bursitis of the knee can also be rarely due to an injury. If you experience any of these symptoms along with severe knee pain, then immediately consult a Knee pain specialist in Hyderabad.

Risk factors that increase knee pain

Knee pain can become worse owing to some risk factors such as lack of activity and knee movement, obesity, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, sitting for long at desk and also due to some sports and occupations.

Loss of muscle mass, muscle strength and endurance due to lack of activity, obesity and other muscles disorders can put an individual at risk of knee issues and knee pain.

Overweight (excess) body weight or obesity can make your knees work under pressure putting addition burden and stress on your knee joints. Excess body weight can also make you at risk of arthritis.

Certain sports or occupations – people who play sports like basketball, volleyball, football can have an increased risk of knee injury. 

If you have had a knee injury a few months or years ago, then you could be at risk of knee pain.

Other medical conditions such as osteoarthritis and osteoporosis can make knee pain worse in many different ways.

Knee pain treatment

Many people tend to neglect knee pain assuming that it is not a very serious issue to be worried about. In reality, one should never do like that. though some types of knee pains are mild and can be well managed at home with simple home remedies, other types are severe and progressive. If you have progressive and debilitating knee pain which could be due to damage to your knee joint, you must never leave it untreated. Furthermore, a minor knee injury can become worse over time if left unattended.

Knee pain treatment without surgery in Hyderabad – Is It Possible?

One question that comes to the minds of people when they get knee pain is this – Is there any medicine that can instantly give relief from knee pain? They look out for over-the-counter knee pain tablets or medicines. If it is a severe knee pain, they seek consultation with a physician and take pain relieving injections. Some doctors even recommend pain-relieving injections.

If you have mild to moderate knee pain then you can go for some over the counter medicines to get some relief. However, if you don’t get any benefits even after trying such measures for some time, then consult a specialist doctor – an Orthopedic surgeon. The doctor will comprehensively examine your case by doing a thorough physical examination and evaluating your symptoms and make a proper diagnosis. In some cases, severe knee pain due to a serious underlying cause can go unnoticed for months due to our negligence. Resorting to self-therapy can cause more harm than good. Therefore, it is always better to consult an Orthopedic doctor who specializes in knee pain treatment and follow his advice. The benefit of approaching a knee specialist in time benefits you in two ways – first of all – it prevents the damage from becoming worse and you may possibly get knee pain treatment without surgery.

If you are unsure of whether your knee pain is due to bursitis of the knee or due to any other reason, then consult a specialist doctor immediately.