Robotic Vs Traditional Knee Replacement Surgery

robotic knee replacement vs traditional

Robotic Knee Replacement Vs Traditional

Robotics Joint Replacement (Knee and Hip replacement) is right now here to stay. Many people think that it is a futuristic goal, but it is right now here at Sunshine Hospitals, Hyderabad.

Procedures like knee and hip replacements require precise and dextrous movements to assist Orthopedic surgeons to perform these procedures with great accuracy and perfection. The use of robotic arms is immensely beneficial for orthopedic surgeons who specialize in robotic orthopedic surgery to achieve exceptional clinical outcomes.

If you have heard of robotics in Orthopaedics for the first time, then don’t feel hesitant. Prior to zeroing in on traditional knee replacement or hip replacement learn more about “Robotic Joint Replacement”.

Better Patient Outcomes

When compared to traditional knee replacement surgery, robotic-arm assisted knee replacement allows the patients to recover faster with minimum risk of post-surgical complications. The rehabilitation time for patients recovering post-surgically is also quite less compared with a traditional knee replacement. The use of robotics helps in better planning and effective removal of the parts of diseased bones and cartilages. This will help in improving the recovery time of patients. Faster recovery, zero percent post-surgical infections, and no readmissions in the absence of complications can dramatically improve recovery time and lower long-term costs.

Robotic Knee Replacement Vs Traditional

Long-term Costs after Recovery are Lower

If a person recovers faster – he or will feel better and healthy and resume his or her activities, work, and earning money faster. Minimally invasive precise robotic procedures mean no risk of infection and faster recovery.

Quicker recovery means lesser visits to the hospital and lesser long-term costs.

Should I Prefer Robotic Joint replacement?

When expert orthopedic surgeon talks about Robotic Joint Replacement Surgery to their patients, they feel a bit hesitant. They wonder whether they should opt for it. They are a bit skeptical about the new surgical techniques and processes involved. But the truth is quite different as the success rate of robotic joint replacement surgery is around 99.99 percent with many benefits for the patients.



Robotics is revolutionizing orthopedics.

The precision and success are astonishing (99.99%)

Orthopedic surgeons are able to perform even complicated knee and hip replacements quite diligently

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