Is Robotic Knee Replacement Right for Me?

Is robotic knee replacement better

Is robotic knee replacement better | Dr. Praharsha Explains

Knee surgery may have been a tough decision for you, but it’s important to address your knee pain. If you have decided to undergo knee surgery to alleviate chronic pain, there is an advanced option available for you – knee replacement with the help of modern technology. KIMS Orthopedic Hospitals, located in Gachibowli, offers this advanced procedure that comes with several advantages. Dr. Praharsha Mulpur, a MAKO Certified Robotic Joint Replacement Surgeon, can provide detailed information on the benefits of this cutting-edge procedure.

According to Dr. Praharsha, undergoing joint replacement is a major decision, but it can be a suitable solution for individuals who are unable to lead a healthy and enjoyable life due to severe joint pain.

Is Robotic Knee Replacement Better & Safe?

Dr. Praharsha emphasizes that medical advancements have made joint replacement safer and more efficient than ever before. In addition, the utilization of computer navigation or robotic surgery has increased precision and resulted in successful outcomes for many patients.

Robotic Assisted Knee Replacement

Many people think that a robot independently performs robotic-assisted knee surgery. You must understand that a robotic doesn’t operate independently. An orthopedic surgeon who specializes in robotic surgery prompts the robotic arm to help assist in surgery. The surgeon makes all the decisions.

This cutting-edge technology offers a highly accurate method for conducting knee replacement surgery. By using a robotic technology, a personalized surgical plan can be created based on your specific anatomy. The robot assists the surgeon in organizing all the relevant information and generating a tailored surgical blueprint that is distinct to you and your joint.

Real Time Advantage

While performing the procedure, optical trackers and a camera will work together to determine the precise location of your knee within the three-dimensional surgical space. This information enables Dr. Praharsha to make real-time adjustments to the surgical map in order to enhance the joint alignment, balance, and movement of your knee.

Advantages of Robotic-Assisted Knee Replacement

One effective solution for preventing arthritis or other long-term damage from affecting your movement is to undergo knee replacement surgery. Although the idea of surgery may cause worry and raises concerns, there is no need to be concerned thanks to modern technological advancements and a skilled robotic surgeon with extensive training. These factors can provide the reassurance you need.

Bottom Line

Dr. Praharsha Mulpur routinely performs robotic and computer-navigated knee replacement surgeries at KIMS Hospitals in Gachibowli.  By providing highly precise and personalized treatment based on the unique anatomy of each patient, he enables his patients to recover faster and achieve better long-term outcomes, allowing them to resume the activities they enjoy.

If you are wondering whether Robotic total knee replacement surgery is the next step to get relief from your chronic joint pain,

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